Industrial Hygiene, Health & Safety


Given the short-term or long-term health effects of many chemicals used in the workplace and expanded OSHA regulations, industrial hygiene is a highly specialized field. Health, safety, and industrial hygiene professionals focus on reducing potential worker exposure to chemicals, developing and implementing safe work practices and physical routines, and the education and training of all […]

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)


Data is at the heart of any project. Since the collection of data and extraction of accurate information is often an organization’s most time consuming task, LAN provides GIS analysis and data management services to its clients. LAN’s GIS operations specialize in the collection, conversion, and creation of accurate geospatial and attribute data to support […]

Land Planning & Development


Land development can be a complex, time consuming, and costly undertaking due to multiple levels of permitting and environmental rules, regulations of multiple agencies, and local community involvement delays. A wide variety of factors, such as the lack of adequate infrastructure, can quickly turn the development of a parcel into a complicated and cost prohibitive […]

Environmental Engineering


The environmental engineering arena is rooted in engineering/remedial design and remediation implementation. The design of proper systems is critical in meeting efficiencies dictated by regulation and generally accepted industry standards. Engineering is about finding real-world solutions to complex problems faced by our clientele in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Cleanup of historical contamination may be […]

Environmental Site Assessment


Environmental site assessment is the backbone of investigative work and comprises paper record searches, such as Phase I investigations, Due Diligence Assessments for reduced CERCLA liability during property transfers, and intrusive investigation techniques to test air, soil, sediment, groundwater, and surface water quality. LAN employs proper methodology and follows stringent standard operating procedures in all […]

Environmental Consulting


This service line is the most diverse and encompassing of LAN’s service offerings. It comprises five sub-groups. This business line integrates the more traditional environmental engineering and consulting service offerings. LAN was founded by aiding our clientele in these service types and we are well rooted and versed in all aspects of the environmental, health, […]

LAN Associates, Inc. Recognized by EPA as CHP Partner

Partnership certificate_LAN

LAN Associates, Inc. has been welcomed into EPA’s Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Partnership as an energy/engineering consultant. LAN has worked with a number of facilities performing economic and feasibility studies related to CHP, Co-Generation, Tri-Generation, Microgrids, Combined Cycle applications, etc. to assess energy alternatives and savings. LAN has also worked with these facilities to obtain […]