Ellen Price, P.G.

Project Geologist

Ms. Price has a broad education and research background in ecology, biology, toxicology, and geology in freshwater wetlands, coastal, and deep-sea environments, including marsh research on the Georgia coast. During her employment with the EPA, Ms. Price studied the effects of pathogen contamination on freshwater and coastal recreational waters. While at the University of Georgia, Ms. Price worked as a teaching assistant teaching introductory geology labs. At Indiana State University, she was the laboratory manager for the paleoceanography lab and was a supplemental instructor providing mentoring and instruction to students in introductory geology classes.

She has experience in laboratory and field research in remediation of hazardous wastes, collecting, processing, and analyzing soil, sediment and water samples. Ms. Price also has extensive experience in deployment and maintenance of environmental monitoring equipment including, Decagon, Hobo Onset, Isco, YSI, Campbell, and Odyssey.

Ms. Price’s experience includes collecting soil and sediment cores for moisture, nutrient, fecal indicator, and pathogen analyses. Collecting surface water samples for heavy metal, nutrient, sterol, fecal indicator, pathogen anaylysis. Ms. Price also has exposure and knowledge of drilling push core wells for groundwater and soil sampling and subfloor water and soil sampling.

Ms. Price has presented research at over 20 national and regional meetings and participated on four research cruises studying benthic ecology, sediment translocation, methane seeps, and hydrothermal vents in the Sea of Cortez, Monterey Bay, Pacific Ocean, and Venice Lagoon, Italy.

She is proficient in statistical and modeling software, Windows and Mac operating systems, Microsoft Office, DeltaGraph, Sigma Plot, R, and Storm programs.

Academic Credentials:

B.S. Environmental Geology, Indiana State University, IN; 2007
M.S. Geology, University of Georgia, GA. 2009
Thesis: Experimental Approach to Understanding the Response of Benthic Foraminifera to Cd, Pb, Hg, and Zn

Employment Record:

2011- Present    LAN Associates Inc.
2011-2011        AMEC/BCI
2009-2011        Environmental Protection Agency
2007-2009        University of Georgia
2003-2007        C.E. Taylor Oil
2005-2007        Indiana State University

Principal Areas of Expertise:

Laboratory and Field Research, Storm Event Sampling, Site Assessments, Deployment and Upkeep of Monitoring Equipment


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